Smarter connectivity, increased comfort and safety.

MDU1 IoT Services

Take advantage of web-enabled smart devices in an IoT ecosystem. Through embedded systems, such as communication, processors, and sensors hardware, these smart tools will act on, collect, and send data that they acquire from their environments.

Making an Impact Through the Internet of Things (IoT)

Many multi-dwelling units (MDUs) nowadays are already filled with diverse IoT-ready devices. According to Schlage and Wakefield Research, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. renters, 86% of millennials would be willing to pay 20% more if the unit is equipped with automated features or remote-controlled devices. Additionally, New Home Source found that 65% of Baby Boomers think that the safety and security of a home is enhanced by smart home technology.

Programmable Wireless Gateway

MDU1 understands that wireless intelligent automation control has not stopped evolving – and it likely will continue to change and expand. Because of this, we have developed a smart hub to facilitate connections between sensors and wireless devices across different models and protocols. 

Our team can help you integrate into our cloud as well as provide much-needed support for both hardware and software concerns. Delivering diverse demands in smart homes, such as intelligent security, energy efficiency, healthcare software, and building management systems is part of our day-to-day tasks and goals.

What’s in it for you? Increase, increase, increase.

Building owners and property managers who utilize IoT will:

Benefit from higher property values

Attract more residents

Receive greater revenue from rent

Save money from operational expenses

What Sets MDU1 Apart?

Smart devices? You name it – smart hubs, locks, detectors, sensors, and many more!

Complete system management and support 24/7

We’ll help you integrate into MDU1’s cloud.

We work with our vendors and stay on top of changing conditions

From access and security control to energy-saving features, our brand can and will provide the necessary services.

Your Partnership with MDU1

MDU1 will ensure any unit or residence gets efficiently transformed into a smarter one. Customize smart homes, increase your tenants’ comfort and safety, and watch your business grow the “smart” way. Quality hardware, quality service.

Some of the IoT services we’re offering will allow property managers and residents to smartly control and monitor the following:


Water Leak Detection

Light Control

Doorbell System

Many more!*

*Feel free to contact us for more information because we’re continuously expanding the number of compatible devices.

The MDU1 IoT Solution

When you get such IoT solutions from us, you’ll also gain access to our call center. This means there will be 24/7 real-time monitoring of system and property issues (e.g. water leaks) because our team will be checking the platform for any alarms and notifications. You will avoid significant property damage and bank-breaking spending with our help!

Remember that having a well-built IoT ecosystem will simplify the day-to-day lives of your residents. Just imagine, they can easily have the perfect lighting and temperature that they need with little effort. They can also be safer with an advanced door bell system, which allows them to see who’s waiting to get in from the other side of the door.

IoT is now an essential part of owning and managing a multi-dwelling property, so make sure you partner with the right provider – a provider with a client-centric vision and efficient solutions for your peace of mind.

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