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Commitment and experience–these are what you can expect from MDU1. We’ve been designing and installing building security systems for several years and we’re passionate about equipping property managers like you with cutting-edge access control technology.

Our cloud-based access control systems allow you to manage and monitor multiple facilities through a single, secure interface, which provides both live video streams and recorded video clips linked to specific events.

We’re ready to grab the opportunity to design, demonstrate, and quote all your security requirements!

Why Choose a Hybrid Cloud-Based Camera System?

Hybrid System

With our hybrid cloud-based system, you have the option to host servers on-site, in the cloud, or both. You can even store content at your site and in the cloud for quick and easy retrieval.

Use Any Camera

Being expensive doesn’t always equate to being the best.

Don’t end up purchasing expensive, proprietary cameras when you can get to the same goal in a more cost-effective way! With MDU1, you can use any analog or IP-enabled camera and still get the features below: 

Night vision 

4k resolution

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Detection

We offer real-time notifications, push notification support, and machine learning recognition.

Facial Recognition

Detection of 80 object types (persons, cars, etc.)

Deep License Plate Recognition

Car Make / Model / Year Recognition

Why Choose a Hybrid Cloud-Based Access Control System?

Having multiple options on where you can host servers and store content for easier and swifter retrieval will simplify your life as a property manager. With a hybrid cloud-based access control system, you can remotely control and manage your site on a desktop PC, tablet, or phone. 

Be consistently updated on significant events with custom, real-time, and SMS notifications and enjoy the perks this type of access control system provides:

Powerful technology

Access wherever

Integrated videos

Simple to use

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