How We Work

The MDU1 team consists of many talented people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. This works in our favor because we’re able to provide a myriad of options to our clients when we tap into our collective genius.

When we work for our clients, we consider issues from multiple perspectives internally before presenting the answer to a challenge — each team member’s skills, strengths, and experiences are taken into account, then combined to ensure the best possible solution is identified.

Our 5-Step Approach


When a client requests a solution, we ask questions about their business process, then analyze their responses. We collect as much information as needed, then start crafting a solution for them. We also strive to be more familiar with the type of customer we’re providing services to so that we’re all on the same page whenever we’re trying to come up with a unified strategy.


The toolbox – this is one of the reasons why we can react swiftly to client requests. We’re able to choose different predefined options and decrease our response time to a specific problem. We pick among st the various options we have based on the data we get from the client.

Options that helped solve problems of previous and current clients can be pulled straight from the toolbox. Although we have generic solution templates for common problems, we’re also prepared when a custom solution is needed! Additionally, data analysis for field import begins during the concept design.


Once we have a working model in hand, we invite the client to review and provide feedback on it before the team moves forward. Upon the client’s approval, the team proceeds to the implementation phase, where we determine the service delivery date.


During this stage, we allocate additional resources to the client as final data import occurs at this specific point. Imported data is verified for accuracy and completeness before going live. Implementation typically occurs a few days before scheduled delivery to ensure there’s enough time for final import, test runs, and client staff training.


On delivery day, we walk through the implementation and answer any questions the client might have — additional items are added into our development pipeline.

Important to remember: our support team is available before, during, and after the switchover to provide assistance when we’re needed!

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