Our Company

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With a network of complementary solutions and products, we are keenly suited to provide complete operational support for our clients and meticulous care, attention, and service to our client’s customers.

Our Vision

To build a legacy of excellence with the most client-centric company, where our clients can find peace of mind and discover a higher level of efficiency from beginning to end with our solutions and products.

Our Mission

Around the world, whenever the moment, our team of dedicated professionals is here to make your life less stressful and deliver innovative solutions and products to businesses in the MDU space.

Our Core Values

Like all great companies, we strive to recruit the best of the best, and we uphold the highest standards for our team with the best-in-class customer care. Being the most technically skilled or the friendliest support team member isn’t the only thing we look for in our staff.

We hire people that challenge processes that no longer achieve the desired outcome and remove the roadblocks that allow us to love our jobs, allowing us to provide exceptional customer service. Our people have that little something different about them – something you can’t quite place but reminds you of a close friend – that our clients and our client’s customers continually appreciate.

Of course, we value things such as integrity, ownership, collaboration, transparency, and respect to name a few.

But at MDU1, our core values take us further.

Deliver Results Thru Relationships

We connect with our clients, client’s customers, partners, and each other to drive our mutual success. By digging deep, we learn and understand the how and why of the MDU industry and what makes our client’s customers tick. We are all about rendering world-class solutions and products to the MDU community. As a true champion of this mindset, we take pride in knowing that we are making a real difference in working together.

We Start with Our Client’s Customer

Our client’s customer is always our top priority. Every day, we maintain focus on earning their appreciation on behalf of all our clients. Our staff embodies this value and will make decisions, no matter how large or small, with our client’s customer in mind. They put themselves in the customer’s shoes to make the experience exceptional.

We are Outcome-Focused

When you are outcome-focused, the journey plans itself out, and it may be different every time. At MDU1, we don’t follow the mantra of “This is how we have always done it.” Instead, we embrace learning curves, innovate, evolve, and iterate.


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